Name:Stefaan Louis Maria Vermeulen
Date of birth:07/31/1968
Country of birth:Belgium 
Nationality:Belgian, American
Country of residence:USA
Marital status:Married
Education:Technical highschool
Profession:Service Technician
Curriculum Vitae:I was born in a small county town, Lier, situated about 15km. from
Belgium’s second biggest city, Antwerp.I grew up in the neighbourhood where me and my parents
were living and spent most of my time hanging out with the neighbourhood kids. We would
enjoy working at one of my friend’s farm, do lots of fishing during our summer holidays,
and did what kids back then were supposed to do. After graduating from technical highschool
I was called in for mandatory service with the army for one year. I found a job as a technician in a meat processing plant and took my first individual trip a year later when my first vacation was due. After a few more jobs in the same field and lots of traveling I met my wife on a trip to Africa. After traveling with her in Africa and the two of us going back and forth between our countries to visit each other, I decided to emigrate from Belgium and try my luck elsewhere. I set foot in the US on January 10th 2002 and have been living here since.


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